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  Magister Stilo HRC (Magister Coffee Machines)

  Magister Stilo HRC  

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ModelES 100 HRCES 100 HRC
Boiler11 L17 L
ColorsGray, Red, WhiteGray
PriceRM 11,530RM 15,980

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Automatic machine with programmable dosage.
- Inbuilt volumetric pump with balanced by-pass
- Standard auto-fill system
- Volumetric touch pads with red LED's (0 to 3000 cc), 4 doses/group + continuous brewing
- Electric heating element with safety thermostat
- One hot water dispenser
- Two steam wands

Optional accessories
- Pre-infusion valve on the brewing group
- Gas heating kit (100 models)
- “Tall-Cup” version for 135 mm tall cups
- Easy-to-fit pods and capsules kit for the brewing groups
- Manual cappuccinatore or milk frother

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*The below is the standard Stilo model

  Feature > Reliability & long lasting  

Anti-Rust Design > Dual layer cup holder
Two layers of stainless steel, to ensure
water vapor from wet cups dont get into
the machine

Anti-Rust Design > Extra bottom cover
Extra cover at the bottom so water vapor
from the bottom wont get intothe machine

Anti-Rust Design > Group Head Cover
Industrial plastic cover at the heads
to reduce water & to reduce accidental
burns to the hand of the Barista

  Feature > Easy of use  

Froth Wand > Line
3 seperate lines make it easy to position
the exact level of milk when frothing

Froth Wand > Position
Perfectly fit the machine, makes it easy
to purge steam without accidentally burning
the Barista. Also easy to auto-froth

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